Friday, 10 September 2010

It's official - the majority oppose the current plans

With the proposal deferred at the last planning meeting, it was important to re group and look at what had been achieved and what was left to do. Obviously, there will always be more to do, but we can certainly be happy with some recent events.

Firstly, Liverpool FC vice captain and Blundellsands resident Jamie Carragher backed Jamie to speak at the planning meeting which goes to show it doesn't matter who you are, everyone will be affected by this monstrous build.

Secondly, Frank Cottrell Boyce has added his voice to the opposition of Sainsburys. It's good to have two stalwarts of their profession within our ranks!

On top of this, and further proof that we are speaking for the majority is the support we receive from both Labour and Conservative local councillors - as well as our local MP. The flip side of this is of course the Liberal Demorcrat councillors who have vocally supported the proposed development stating "they are supporting the silent majority".

Though we always knew this statement was rubbish we were glad to see that the display and comment book in the Library (set up by the council itself) returned a verdict of 5 residents to 1 AGAINST the proposed development. But remember, this is against the current proposal, not Sainsbury's itself. This result surely means that the Lib Dems, who has stated they wish to support the 'majority' of resident, have now changed their opinion and have joined with Labour, Conservative and pretty much the whole community to oppose this proposal!

Further meetings have taken place between residents and Sainsbury's senior management, and to be honest it appears Mr Sainsburys DOESN'T actually care what the community thinks and said pretty much this in face to face meetings.

It has also been acknowledged that the proposed community centre (proposed for the roundabout of Moor Lane, Richmond Road and the Bypass) is actually just to conceal the ugly elevation that will be seen from the Moor Lane side - it just so happens they needed  a use for the building so thought they'd call it a community centre (only for the first 10 years though - who knows what it will be after that!) - further evidence that being a valued member of the community isn't really high on their priorities.

So well done everyone, and for those still undecided, please remember, we're not against a new Sainsbury's being built - we're just against this particular proposal.

Finally, the planning meeting to decide the fate of this proposal will now take place at 6.30 pm this Wednesday (15th Septemeber 2010) at Crosby Civic Hall - please come along and stand up and be counted!!

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