Saturday, 31 July 2010

So whats it all about??

Welcome to our Blog, if you've not looked before.

So what is going on??

Simply we want Crosby Village to be a lot better than it is.
We are local people who have been stirred into action when we saw how damaging Sainsbury's proposals for their new supermarket would be -to see some images click here  - This proposal is due to go to Planning Committee on 18th August for approval (!) by our councillors.

Over the last few months over 5000 local people have signed our petition,  we also have a online version of - click here which will tell you what it is specifically campaigning for.

We have been discussing the issue with Councillors and our MP and we are buidling support for something better.  Sainsbury's have said 'there is no alternative solution' and are trying to force their plans through - so we have proposed our own suggestion of an alternative, which still gives us a nice new big supermarket but wthout destroying the historic buildings or creating ugly new carparks everywhere - see (and download) our ideas CLICK HERE 

We need all the help we can get before the 18th August and today should be fun with the LAST STAND FESTIVAL - please come to show your support for a better future for Crosby Village. A celebrity might be helping us at around 4.30pm.

Apart from all this stuff, this Blog is about Crosby more widely and if you look through old posts you might find a few things of interest - like where to get the best fish, or coffee in Crosby.

To the right hand side of this page you will also find links to other various stories and links about Sainsbury's and our campaign for them to do something better for Crosby.

If you would like to get involved please email us at

Thank you for your interest.

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