Friday, 10 September 2010

ABetterCrosby has the support of Liverpool Friends of the Earth

ABetterCrosby received the following statement and  thanks Liverpool Friends of the Earth for their support and for highlighting the following issues;
 "Liverpool Friends of the Earth hopes that the residents and community groups of Crosby are able to have a full say in the development of the village and its amenities - and not merely to respond to 'top-down' proposals. In particular, disproportionate power and profits should not be handed over to Sainsbury's or any other outside corporation.

"While supermarkets have a role to play in serving the needs and wishes of local communities, all too often they come in on their own terms to exploit 'market opportunity' by bringing in more traffic and shoppers from other areas and making life more stressful, not less, for local people. Time and again, unnecessarily large stores lead to net job losses as local shops go under. A major part of the problem is that big outside companies have more financial and legal clout than the local council, which cannot or dare not stand up to them in the name of its electors and taxpayers.

"Over-sized supermarkets are also huge contributors to climate change, not only through adding to car journeys but through the carbon footprint of the goods they bring in. They may employ some local people on the tills, but they are not geared up to sell local farm produce or give trade to local businesses.

"It is incumbent on Sefton and all local authorities - in conjunction with their business and community partners - to ensure all new developments help to reduce carbon emissions from those caused by current practice. This is to protect both present and future generations. We want to see this done in Crosby and throughout Merseyside."

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