Monday, 20 September 2010

We are houseproud

Here is a photo of a shop on St Johns Road. I bought some wood, grout and other bits last weekend. Friendly service, and as i had my baby with me the shop keeper carried my stuff to my car.

Maybe it was a bit less cheap than a bigger store, but I saved the time and petrol of driving to Aintree - where the competing store looks a bit like this....

 image from internet, where you realise all B&Qs, everywhere look like this.

Why pay more?.... well it's obvious isn't it?

Sainsbury's planning application was rejected last week, and we are working towards securing a new better proposal with Sainsbury's.  Yes we desperately need investment in Crosby, but not at any price, and the damage their proposals did to the rest of the village was not acceptable.

Long live Crosby

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