Thursday, 3 November 2011

A fairer future for Crosby

At the Council's Crosby Area Committee last night Rev'd Canon Roger Driver, Dean of Bootle, (which as a Deanery also covers Waterloo, Netherton, Seaforth and Litherland) made a proposal that Crosby should become Sefton's first FAIR TRADE TOWN.

Most people know what Fair Trade is all about, and it is hard not to agree with the idea.
If Crosby were to make the grade, and get recognition, it would a real good news story, with lots of knock on benefits, linking all sorts of community groups and schools to ideas about trade, and crucially, promoting all trade in Crosby.
What was stricking was that Rev'd Canon has identified Crosby as the place most likely to succeed in Sefton in achieving Fair Trade Status. He said Crosby already has business, such as Cafe Barista in Crosby Village, amongst many others which are Fair Trade. There is already real interest across Crosby about the issues Fair Trade address, with groups such as the Waterloo Partnership, and numerous local charites and church projects.
Taking a moment to dwell on this, Crosby has reason to be graciously proud that people perceive ours to be a community that understands and thinks about such issues beyond our doorstep. Although apparently Fair Trade also does work around fair local trade - supporting food producers in Sefton perhaps.
Rev'd Canon went to the Council meeting to get council support, which he did, and now needs community and trader support. With Crosby's population of about 50,000 people he is looking for 12 or so Fair Trade retailers and 6 Fair Trade cafes or restaurants.  If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch with him or the national Fair Trade organisation.

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