Monday, 24 October 2011

Two Crosby Things for Halloween

Two seemingly unrelated seasonal ideas for you -

1) In our family's continual attempts to live well for less, we use our local green grocer - and look what we saw today !

Local produce for Queensway Allotment - definately the biggest range of pumpkins in Crosby.

At £2.40 for a biggish one, £1.40 for melon sized and £1.00 for small ones, can you find better value - or a better choice in Crosby? Find the display at Pineapple on South Road and the pumpkins at both their shops.The other one is on St Johns Road.

2) Totally seperately jewellery shop Oh You Pretty Things at the top of Victoria are having a spooky film night  on Halloween itself - its sounds like fun......!/event.php?eid=155561041207495&notif_t=event_invite

Disconnected, different, things but two local shops adding some colour and personality to life in Crosby.

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