Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Makes you think....makes you hungry....

.. I was going to write a simplistic little piece on how Satterthwaites Pies are so nice, but then found their amazing website.  ...
Reading this, and in particular the last paragraphs, just about puts a lump in your throat.   
It had not really struck me before, but with something such as a Satterthwaites Pie, which i always seem to buy mid-morning on a Saturday when a bit bleary and occasionally hung-over, much of the pleasure is not just in a very tasty pie but the whole experience - the 'lifestyle' choice of pie or cake eating if you like.  Buying it from friendly staff in a small shop - queuing up with neighbours and everybody getting served in person is a good experience in itself. Quite unlike a miserable self-service supermarket which is now trying to get people to use automated tills, preventing the customer from having any human contact what-so-ever. Supermarkets working towards 'efficiency' less staff, less personal service, less jobs. 

The website explains why the pies taste so nice - fresh and local and no machines - real sustainability.

... the health 'warning' is another reminder of how to live a happy life - eat a few pies and then get on with some heavy labour - dig a trench or something - or a bit (a lot, if like me you sometimes have two pies) of gardening - to burn it off.  Certainly beats driving down the motorway to work on a computer, sat down all day with another sandwich in a box for lunch.  I might start a gardening business - just to eat more pies.
It is Satterthwaites Centenary year.

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