Sunday, 20 June 2010

Best fish update

In total juxtaposition to the threats facing Crosby, the fish man in the Co-op /Summerfield car park off South Road keeps me vaguely cheerful.

Described in the first entry of this blog, I have now discovered his name is Alex The Fishman.  I think Fishman is his actual surname, it's on his business card.  He drives down from Fleetwood on Wednesday and Saturday mornings and sells truly fresh fish to anyone who wants it.  Forget all those stupid adverts of celebrities pushing shopping trollies through fields or into harbours, this is the real thing.

Here he is.. I had his phone number, to suggest if there was anything you really wanted you could probably phone him, he would try and get it at the fish market in the morning and then drive it down for you. I've lost the number, and but perhaps he would like to be able to put a face to you before you started making orders, and he has loads of good stuff anyway, which he fillets there and then.
This is food shopping as a real service, and a pleasure to frequent.

Find him 9am til 12 Wed & Sat in the Co-operative car park. The Co-op living up to its name with its hospitality.

The comparison with most of our food shopping doesn't need to be made......

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