Saturday, 19 February 2011

Our community wants...

Our community wants…..
Those three little words come up regularly on my computer screen as I open the website, but actually what does it want 8 months down the road from a very hard won campaign to stop Sainsbury’s in their tracks?
Following the euphoria of the planning committee’s turnaround in the middle of September a small group of us have continued to meet and keep in touch electronically to maintain the momentum of that success and to ask the question where do we go from here?
We didn’t need long to realise that it was going to be a lot more difficult to galvanise opinion and action now that there was no longer a common adversary and luckily Christmas came along at just the right time to concentrate everyone’s efforts -the LIGHTS switch on. Never had I realised how much time, energy, of all types, and indeed money went into organising an event such as this. I will never look at Christmas lights in any town, village or city in quite the same way again and much credit in Crosby goes to those people who made it happen in 2010, in a very depressed time for all such publicly funded events. You know who you are.
So looking forward to a new year and an even better Crosby, it was felt that to make real progress we would need to formalise the group and have a committee. This means we will eventually be able to open a bank account and apply for funding to organise events- a resurrection of the ancient custom of a Goose Feast has been enthusiastically talked about already.
Lots of publicity, posters, talk, Tweets, Facebook links and e mails later the inaugural AGM was attended by about 100 locals and the necessary formality of the election of a committee of previously involved members was completed with consummate professionalism by Sefton CVS.
Of course this is only the beginning for ABetterCrosby and now it’s up to the new members to start having their say and giving their time to the cause of making the community we all live in a much better place. It really is up to you, so don’t be shy get in touch and get involved.

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