Thursday, 14 October 2010

Better bread.. locally

Satterthwaites recently asked for customer feedback.

It may be coincidence, but the other day we picked up a loaf of their new round oatmeal/granary bread - and it is amazingly yummy. It is the kind of bread you accidently eat all of with butter (Lurpak on the adverts but actually supermarket own-brand (Sainsbury's) this month) before making any sandwiches for work.
Buy this bread, it is lovely.

Writing this posting seems sort of trivial, yet really I don't think it is. We all buy certain things from certain shops, and this year the satisfaction of shopping local has grown on my family. But we always used to end up with supermarket bread (never pies) from their 'bakery' because it tastes good - now Satterthwaites's tastes better.
It's all very well being high-minded about the value of local businesses but it is a lot easier when they sell great stuff!

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